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i am lucy layne

I asked myself a question as I stared into the forest

“Should I turn around, or should I go explore it?”

I’m not sure why I walked this way or gave myself these choices

But the woods were calling to me, and I listened to their voices

Hope was there when no one was

It saved my life — that’s what it does

I hear rocks scraping below me

I see the water rise up above me

I want to escape my boundaries

I am a traveling anchor

Look — the world is ending

Just bleed, your wounds aren’t mending

I know my transcripts are nothing to choke on your hot coffee over, but please know that my grades are not a reflection of my capabilities but more a reflection of my circumstances at the time.

Nothing is created if something isn’t lost

Because, when energy is spent, it’s coupled with a cost

The sculptors of the city were the only ones with choices, and since they spoke for us, they silenced all our voices. We trusted what they told us though — it’s hard to understand. We just never thought to question the leaders of our land ...

You have six strings to play with, six strings to leave your mark

Each one serves a purpose, but they all light the dark ...

Stuck. Trapped inside a dream. Trying to run, dying to scream ...

It only comes at night, when the sun has said goodbye, and the clouds have hid the stars so well I cannot find the sky ...

My mom died on the fourth day of September 17 years ago. Meeting death taught me a lot of lessons. Some of them, right away — others, I am still learning ...