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i am lucy layne


The chance was yours to take

It walked right up to your door

You heard three knocks in rhythm

And you waited for one more

Frozen in mid-stride

Reaching for the lock

Trying not to wait

Staring at the clock

Seconds make a difference

They determine what comes next

And just like what you do,

What you don’t do has effects

Hidden in plain sight

Aching for that knock

Trying not to scream

Just staring at the clock

Your hand falls to your side

You hear the footsteps walk away

You dream about escaping

But you always choose to stay

Shrunken down in size

Knowing you’re in shock

Trying not to panic

Still staring at that clock

You’ve been searching for a sign -

Your lucky number four

But you’ve ignored so many others

That they’re knocking at your door

Broken up in pieces

Hearing echoes of the knock

Trying not to cry

While staring at the clock

Why are you afraid

When chance comes to the door?

You seem to trust your omens,

But which has hurt you more?

Destined for a change

Wishing chance would knock

Trying not to blink

Staring harder at the clock