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i am lucy layne

friends with the nighttime


Trapped inside a dream

Trying to run

Dying to scream

My mind is awake

While my body’s at rest

But I can barely breathe

With this creature on my chest


Scared to fall asleep

Thinking of the quicksand

Sinking way too deep

My eyes are wide open

But I can’t really see

I’m blinded by the darkness -

It blocks the light from me


Roused to meet my death

Grieving for my life

Breathing my last breath

When my body comes back

My mind drifts away

My heart wants to follow

But the fear makes me stay


Deprived of so much

Calling out for help

Falling out of touch

I’m friends with the nighttime

It’s sleep I don’t trust

But I choose to embrace it

Because I know that I must