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i am lucy layne

midnight thunder

It only comes at night

When the sun has said goodbye

And the clouds have hid the stars so well

I cannot find the sky

I have fallen in the darkness

My eyes no longer see

But I hear the midnight thunder

Rolling over me

It sounds a lot like terror

Mixed with sadness and regret

Because it wakes up all the demons

That I haven’t snuffed out yet

It’s more than just a storm

This creature shatters souls

And there is nowhere to hide

As the midnight thunder rolls

So I stand up to the beast

I look him in the eye

I refuse to let him scare me

And he will never see me cry

I can hear the midnight thunder

As it rolls on through the night

And I can feel it tremble

When it passes by the light

The sound may say one thing

But the silence says the rest

Because just the faintest flicker

Will put the darkness to the test

The dawn will always come

And I will always wonder

How the briefest shift in time

Can ease the midnight thunder