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i am lucy layne

amazon reviews

"Loved this very real journey of loss and growth."

"A raw, in-your-face retelling of the emotional roller coaster ride that losing a close member of your family really is. Stories of shock, anger and bottomless grief mingle with chapters of fond memories and even some comic relief. Dead Mom Disease is never "over" - it never stops, ends, and there is no cure. But this book will definitely serve fellow-victims of the disease well - as a source of commiseration, inspiration and even release. For readers who have never lost a member of their immediate family - this provides a glimpse into that terrifying abyss, while at the same time providing the poignant reassurance that yes, we are strong enough to physically and mentally survive something even as terrible as that. Stirring on so many levels - highly recommend!"

"It was a down to earth, realistic view of how she personally dealt with her grief of losing her mother. It flowed great! I laughed, I cried and I kept waiting for the movie fairy tale ending but had to keep telling myself that this was real life. This book made it ok to say “I’m not fine” and be ok with that."

"What a good read. An emotional roller coaster. I couldn’t put the book down. The author is raw and doesn’t sugar coat. She says what everyone is thinking but never really says out loud. The book has a great flow and is written really well. I look forward to reading what the author writes next. Her writing style makes her super relatable which is partly why I loved the book so much."

goodreads reviews

"Loss and grief are a universal part of the human experience. Even if you have never lost your mother, you are able to connect deeply to this book. Lucy Layne seamlessly takes you on her journey of the before and after of her mothers death while interweaving the timelines in an interesting and impactful way. Her honest, brave and powerful words make you feel as though you know her personally. And although the subject of death is a difficult one, she offers a perfect mix of metaphor and reality to paint a beautiful picture. This book made me laugh, cry and remember the important things in life. Everyone should read this!"

"Prefacing this review of Dead Mom Disease, I should note that I don’t usually read memoirs, biographies, or poetry. Just a matter of reading preferences and taste.

This book was a wonderful surprise in that I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Although a very difficult topic to discuss, the author manages to convey the emotions involved with life challenging experiences for both herself and her mother. It is rare to find a story about life that excels in capturing true human experiences and feelings so difficult to convey to others. Each chapter reveals both the author’s inner self in the face of adversity and nature of her mother’s in the same. This is accomplished through both prose and poetry.

If you are willing to take a chance on a story with a window to essence of human tenderness, warmth, fear, tragedy and joy, I highly recommend Dead Mom Disease by Lucy Layne."