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i am lucy layne

six strings

You have six strings to play with

Six strings to leave your mark

Each one serves a purpose

But they all light the dark

I remember when the first one snapped

Right between my fingers

I remember how it felt

Because the pain of it still lingers

My skin was bleeding

And my heart was too

I felt an overwhelming sadness

I didn’t know what to do

A few days went by

And my wound was closed shut

I reached for the strings

And all five lit up

Music still played

From the strings, minus one

They all sang together

Their time wasn’t done

When the second one broke

I wasn’t as sad

I learned to be grateful

For the four that I had

The third one just died

The notes had no range

And it was right around then

That things started to change

The music was darker

The strings set the mood

But they still shined brightly

Each time they were cued

When the fourth one snapped

A duet was born

String one and string two

Both tired and worn

They played together

For so many years

They kept each other company

Through thousands of tears

They both found a way

To survive all these things

They still light up

And their music still rings

But fear fills the silence

Each time they are played

Because they know their last song

Is one string away