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i am lucy layne


I am a storyteller

Your entertainment for the night

I will mold my words in such a way

That my sound will trigger sight

I am a simple genius

I see right through your lies

But I’d love to get to know you

Before your fake self dies

I am a ticking clock

In pace with Father Time

The reason that your song

Has a rhythm to the rhyme

I am a double rainbow

I stretch across the sky

Bringing smiles to the faces

Of the people passing by

I am an avid reader

Books reveal so much

Before you even open them

The story starts with touch

I am a secret keeper

For the stories you can’t share

The ones you are afraid of

The ones you cannot bear

I am a seating usher

A somewhat pointless role

But one that we all need

To lead us to our goal

I am the Loch Ness Monster

The unknown that we fear

The truth we all avoid

Until it’s whispered in our ear

I am a perfect twin

The same exact as you

A million things in one

Too many yous to choose