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i am lucy layne

the forest

I asked myself a question as I stared into the forest

“Should I turn around, or should I go explore it?”

I’m not sure why I walked this way or gave myself these choices

But the woods were calling to me, and I listened to their voices

The air was filled with music, like a symphony of magic

So many instruments of beauty, all playing

something tragic

The sun beat to the rhythm, turning shadows into dancers

The light was full of hope, but the dark knew all the answers

The thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that the ground was made of gold

And the water carried secrets that were asking to be told

I whispered something softly but it split the sky like thunder

And the lightning that came after was an echo of my wonder

Details come alive here in the things we barely notice

The birds can sing for hours about the mud beneath the lotus

You see, the world I stumbled into is a hard one to explain

It’s a place that measures time by the moments that remain

There are lessons to be learned in the depths of every forest

Where the creatures that are richest trade

places with the poorest

The blowing wind reminds us to give back what we take

And every storm has taught the trees to bend so they don’t break

The sky above the woods is not the same as ours

At night the clouds climb down and the flowers float like stars

There’s a graveyard for the hearts that are too afraid to feel

And for the versions of ourselves that we thought we couldn’t heal

I spent a lot of time there, but the thing I found most strange

Was that every time I stopped, the trees would rearrange

But nature is an architect and this her design

The legend for this map would show a circle for a line

So I guess you figured out that the end is just the start

But I don’t think I told you yet about my favorite part

I discovered love when I walked into the forest

I almost turned around, but my heart said go explore it