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i am lucy layne

the gift

Once upon a time

Some people built this place

And they put up gates around it

To protect their sacred space

The rulers of the kingdom

Agreed on all the laws

They would rid the world of evil

And eliminate our flaws

They hid us from the darkness

And numbed us from the light

They took away our yearning

And destroyed our will to fight

We didn’t know what loss was

So we had nothing to gain

Because the people with the power

Had kept us safe from pain

They decided tears and sadness

We’re too much to endure

So they sterilized our hearts

Because they thought that made us pure

The people who controlled us

Believed their lies were real

They sacrificed our freedom

And refused to let us feel

They did destroy the hatred

But the love went with it too

And the life inside those walls

Was all we ever knew

They kept each other’s secrets

To prevent another war

Because they dreamt of finding peace

But they valued power more

The sculptors of the city

Were the only ones with choices

And since they spoke for us

They silenced all our voices

We trusted what they told us though

It’s hard to understand

We just never thought to question

The leaders of our land

But they didn’t want the life they left

To ever be forgotten

So they gathered all their memories

And found a way to box them

The keepers passed their burdens on

For one person to lift

And when he asked why he was chosen

They said it was a gift