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i am lucy layne


It’s hard to notice a pattern when you look at everything separately. Or maybe it’s just hard to notice some things about yourself. I’m not really sure which statement is more true — maybe neither. But I do know that every time I write a poem or create any sort of art, it feels unique. I’m a spontaneous person, so I don’t really plan anything out. I could just be sitting there eating grapes when a random thought runs through my mind and inspires me in some way. Sometimes it’s meeting new people or seeing other people’s work that inspires me. Sometimes I’m not inspired at all, but I feel like painting.

But after joining the Lawrence Street Gallery, I noticed that when people look at my pieces as a group or a collection, so to speak, they see a pattern of death and emotion. The first time I heard it, I thought it was interesting. After a few times of hearing it, I decided to see if I could see what they do.

Death and emotion — it’s definitely there in a lot of my pieces, but not all of them. The thing that is always there is my fascination with time. I never realized it before, but now that I have, I guess you could say “Time” is my theme in everything I do.